Voice Lessons

Sing with the Body in Mind: Specializing in Breakthroughs

Why work with me?

  • You’ve always wanted to be able to sing, and I can’t blame you. So have I. Voice is the ultimate instrument (and the only one that comes with its own pair of legs)! You don’t have to go out and buy anything to get started, and it’s perfectly suited to many different genres of music (you can even make up your own). I love working with beginners of all ages, helping people connect to and express their unique voice in a way that feels pleasurable and easy.
  • Time for a tune up? You’ve had voice lessons in the past, but the body changes with time and experience, and you’re ready for a tune up, to figure out some new approaches for working with your voice as you age and change.
  • You’re working on a unique challenge, such as singing and playing the violin at the same time. A whole-body approach may be just the ticket!
  • You’re a tense person, and it’s affecting your voice. Maybe you’re in pain, or you feel like you can’t take a deep breath, or your neck and shoulders are tight; maybe your arms go rigid when you sing and your hands turn into claws. Your teachers have told you to “relax”, but how?
  • You’d like some movement coaching. I can help you learn about your body, how it’s designed to move, and how to integrate movement work into your vocal practice so you can get the most bang for your singing buck.

I bring a unique set of skills into the studio, as a singer, a certified Franklin Method movement educator, as a creative artist.